Monday, August 5, 2013

grandpa camp 2013

One of the things my kids looked forward to the most on our trip last month was Grandpa Camp (which is a funny name because I'm pretty sure Grandma does most of the work...) at the cabin. We missed the last one, which was space camp, and the kids were pretty bummed about it all year. They still use their gear from spy camp two years ago.

Our brother-in-law is a firefighter/paramedic and he was nice enough to help plan a firefighter camp. With real firefighter gear and hoses and smoke! All the cousins loved it. 

 You can see Ethan being a nice big brother in the background, pointing and laughing at Josh.

I'm not sure how Ashley will fight any fires with all that hair in her face.

I wasn't there for the festivities (darnit, there weren't enough seatbelts in our minivan for all the cousins and Chris and me. I had to stay home -- kid free. All week.), but I'm pretty sure this masked man is Ethan.

The kids especially loved shining their flashlights around in a "smoke" filled room.

Ashley was happy to hang with all those boys, but wished her other big girl cousins could have been there, too. I guess Bulgaria is just too far to come to Grandpa Camp.

Up next: grandpa camp hiking pictures.

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