Thursday, August 22, 2013

on school shoes and taaaacos (sigh...)

 Ashley saw these shoes and fell in love with them. She is a huge Sketchers fan, and she's a fan of colorful, sparkly things, so these shoes were made for her. When Coach at school saw them, he said, "Wow, those are some bright shoes!" And then he put on his sunglasses to prove how blinded he was by them.

So far she loves everything about 4th grade. Luckily she's easy to please, and always loves school in general. I asked what she liked about the new school year, and she said they get more recesses. Not sure why 4th graders get more recesses than 3rd graders, but that's what she loves. When I asked what she didn't like, she made a disgusted face and said, "Getting a corndog instead of a taco at lunch." (but when she said taco, it was clear to see how in love she was with tacos. Kind of a sigh and taaaaco at the same time. There may have even been some blinking eyelashes, but I can't really remember. Those must be good tacos...)

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